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hollister uk stores online Although the pace of time has entered the February chill weather is still not entirely north , cruising around in the air cold wind taste. Snow drift occasionally patronize the land on this side , it seems that there's infinite love of .

Turns warm again , the temperature hovering in the ups and downs , at the junction of the season overlooking the breath of spring still vague without it anyway , I can only sit in the corner of a quiet corner, at the time on the TV, listen to the light in your mind and in whisper of wind and rain , trying to figure out the flowers and nectar dialogue.

For northern memories are always more beautiful bleak , looking ahead, desolate , poplar had faded a youth , leaving only the bare branches that criss-cross the confrontation with the winter , storm guarding . Only snow, is an integral part of the northern winter landscape , there is no snow in the winter , people will always feel the lack of something. But when once again when the snow falling on this side hollister uk stores online of the land , in the heart of joy on a little subsided , gradually subdued it.

No scenery familiar place , perhaps, in a place to live for a long time , even if the United States and the West Lake , the lake every day Xia color , Dutch Yun Qing Wu , also rose in my heart a hint burnout.

Sometimes the simple life is the need to add some fresh sauce to stimulate people's taste buds , as calm lake without a ripple ripples of light , it will lack many of the Smart and charm .

February 14 , the corner which baskets of roses will bloom efforts to face the most charming , charming exudes brilliance, brilliant boss swayed face , waiting for a pair of lovers pick it gently , packaging, arms. This warm and sweet holiday decorating . ( Read the article : www.sanwen.net)

" Gifts of roses , hand a fragrance ." Seen the depths of every human heart is the desire of a wonderful, beautiful emotion , subtle fragrance is fleeting touch of scenery warmest and most sincere moved. Whether or give as gifts, others or yourself , are gentle ray of friendship and hearts touched .

Moreover , rose to love , do not use language interpretation is also indispensable scenery.

Seen too many love stories , some romance , life and death follow, some horizon first cape , often between two sea ...... would smile in someone else's story , lament , regret, tears wet skirts, in someone else's story his own tears flowing . I believe that in the world there are many like me sensual woman, in some familiar scene , a gentle, soft music , a little splash of heart sounds , scattered Tears drops .

Seen such a story. He fell in love with her ​​when she was 19 years old , is far from the real world of pure ivory tower doing beautiful dream . And he has been working for many years , when almost forgotten what a romantic , hollister uk stores online because some, he carefully as possible care of her spiritual world.

One day , he was watching her play Meryl Streep 's " Sophie 's choice ." Watching the film , she did not understand what he let her see the profound meaning of this piece .

But there is a shot but deeply imprinted on her mind : When people open the door and ran into the house and found two people in love have hugged goodbye to this world.

Later, she became his wife , gradually, I do not know intentionally or unintentionally , spooned them develop the habit . No matter how sleep changes in attitude , because no matter what happened while they ignore each other , woke up the next morning , she will always be in his arms .

Life , the total will not only come spring . Still later, something happened between them , deeper misunderstanding , he no longer said to her: "I love you ." Of course she is no longer said to him: . " Me too"

One night , they talked about the things about breaking up , back to back asleep .

Midnight , the sky thundered , when the first sound of thunder , he woke up , subconsciously use both hands to cover her ears , only to find they do not know when he hugged her.

Then the second acoustic mine exploded , she was thunder or perhaps by his hand woke up , opened his eyes and ears as well as the roar of thunder , and his hand was out from her ears open .

Her eyes suddenly moist. They re- closed his eyes and pretended nothing had happened ......

She thought maybe he still loves me , I love a little bit scared fear .

He thought maybe she still loves me , otherwise she would not shed tears .

Leaning against the bed, there are warm sunshine spilled from the window gap , gently read this story again , my heart that involuntary softest place filled with a trace moved.

" Flowers have thorns, thorns in the flowers ." For love, we always focus on the rose too beautiful appearance, while ignoring its own sting . Should really pick, that is, to accept its beautiful appearance , but also to accept the shortcomings of its own , careful care , carefully cherished. So before long .

Moreover , to experience life in so many hollister uk stores online Qifenglengyu , trek , as if careful care , then beautiful flowers will litter into the mud , Cunxin ashes .

When young , we always look forward to a vigorous encounter love , even moths have no fear , " the mountain ridge , of Heaven , is the king must dare ." This sentence is a lot of young girls hearts love pious worship. But as time lopsided , then filling in the Castle with some green water of the oath and honor how much ?

Sansei willing to use fireworks , for you I blurred . "" That I, I turn to the mountain turn water transfer pagoda , not to repair the afterlife, just as the way to meet with you ...... "Those America to heartbreak sentence was removed in after years , you can be piled into a superposition plants flowering trees , night night attack me cry Yuxiang ?

Yesterday also spoke of life and death go hand in hand , never betray the people , today already horizon discrete , each well .

Think of a child who read the story of the princess prince , the story is always an abrupt end in the princess and the prince lived a happy life together after .

After the elderly , the lopsided 's time has finally slowly understand that love is not just the mouthwatering rose bouquets , vows not need much more valuable is the plain fleeting spend .

Fairy fairy tale only those perfect idealized love only let us look up , so that people filling the hearts of the earth in a longing for a better and beliefs .

In fact , together with the beloved breeze under the moon, even if it is a cup of tea, gazing silent on the TV, laughing together steady , dull life is also happiness .

How many young people who love your face , we can see who is willing to endure years of relentless change ......

When fleeting further away, while the roots withered death , that is still by your side who grow old together , is the most worthy of hollister uk stores online your cherished person.

This is a materialistic world , all the emphasis in this era of high efficiency , love it virtually into a kind of " fast food " of the cycle , television , and in life , everything is clutch wind blew a leaf like the trivialization . Often hear my friends talking about who is in who you marry soon divorced, just because life a little trivial little things.

Not only lament , forever , the highest power, is really only the remnants of people's minds a little bit of nostalgia and hope for a better world for it.

" Experience of life difficult for water Gorges cloud ." " Belt she does not regret becoming wide-end , to eliminate the Iraqi people were emaciated ." Today , the sea remains the same, but few people are willing to face haggard, do not regret the beginning of the heart, there are few people willing to use struggling to look forward to in exchange for thousands of years before the Buddha knot some carnal world . Looking back , people have changed , I fear is only consultations sigh !

Fathers could not help but think of love , though their lives are not so much romance , but also do not understand why the style of thousands of objects , only a rice porridge simple , trivial mundane , but life still gusto , flat calm . Perhaps, in the era of material scarcity , they stood and shared joy in the years to comprehend deeply weathered polished , love is not only romantic, but also a responsibility , a play . Family is the most beautiful day together , the years of wind and rain of an open window blooms in the turbulent days, down to the ground fragrance.

Some people say that love can stand the glitz , but can not afford trivial fleeting . Say nothing exciting is true , but it turns out that you want in the hustle and bustle of the earth , enjoying a " years of quiet good , life secure ," the dull feeling is such a luxury thing.

"I walk through the bridge in many places ,hollister uk stores online  seen many times in the cloud , drink a lot of types of wine , but only one legitimate best loved people of all ages ." Best age , you met who may have a cordial encounter regrets ?

Although this worldly temptations of love in the hustle and green lights liquor interests infected many things we do not want to see this world has always been sunshine and shadow coexist , so we have reason to believe there is always plain , pure , a beautiful love filling between cloud water .

Is beautiful feelings, perhaps never spectacular , but certainly Wen Wanru tea , concentrated too fragrant , light fragrance too . If , on the Red Rain , the long and arduous journey across the distance of two people can care each other uniten is also a gift worth treasuring life .

No matter how much love road storm , many vicissitudes , and will not stop the people to pursue the footsteps of the process no matter how many trek thorns , many ups and downs, love is still the people's minds an eternal melodious sounds of nature . The world is love , life will be beautiful , fragrant flowers only , boat bathed in the love life of the ocean to the wind and waves .

Love is life's most beautiful language , the most charming poem , is a blend of heart to heart , love and affection of dependency go hand in hand . The most favorite people to accompany warm , crisp prosthetic roses in this day, holding each other's hands, beautiful time to spend at this moment , so a gentle heart , rising in the warm sun , so that a pulse heart fragrant , blooming into a beautiful rose. Let tenderness hollister uk stores online of heart sounds , whisper tells of love do not regret dedication .